Just Sing Youth Choir

Meeting from 12-1 on Saturday in SYLVIA DAWSON HALL, St Christopher’s Campus, Battery Road, Longford, is open to all from age 7 to 17 years.

Pure Drama students – stay for an hour after Intermediate or come early for the Seniors at no extra cost. Piano students can come to sing for a reduced rate.

The voice is the instrument we all have with us all the time – use it – don’t loose it! Group Singing not only benefits mental health and provides social and emotional benefits it helps promote positive physical responses and as an added bonus – IT’S FUN!

Any child learning a musical instrument will benefit significantly from singing, in sight-reading and aural skills. Even if they are not learning a musical instrument – let their voice be the instrument.

Our Choral Director will not only encourage you to join in but teach singing skills and techniques, developing ability with warm-ups, singing games, vocal exercises and plenty of current popular songs! Medleys and mash-ups and plenty of Pitch Perfect!