Pure Drama

Pitch & Pulse mission is to inspire each child to be what they want to be – if it is possible for us, it’s possible for you. Our focus is on inclusion, acceptance and tolerance with tutors trained in Safeguarding, Creative Mindfulness and Ausome Training Inclusive Stage School certified.

Groups explore communication and theatre with the opportunity to undertake the Irish Board of Speech & Drama exams in future terms.

JUNIORS: From age 4 to 6 years, Pure Drama Juniors will have fun exploring their voices and creativity in a group setting, making friends, gaining confidence and working in groups.

Through games, play-acting stories and poetry, movement and music we will explore theatre with each individual growing in confidence.

INTERMEDIATES: Ages 7 to 13 years Pure Drama Intermediates will discover and progress their spontaneity, creativity, and imagination through improvisation games and techniques in a fun, supportive environment.

Using games, role play, story telling, poetry and movement, our ensemble will develop valuable confidence and interpersonal talents as well as enhancing listening and reacting skills.

SENIORS: From age 13 upwards our Pure Drama Teen class can build on past experience and embrace new talents as they dive in to drama with both feet! Improvisation, script writing, character exploration through fun, games and activities developing story telling techniques and theatre production for performance.

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