Pitch & Pulse – Just Sing!

At Pitch & Pulse we want everyone to Just Sing! Adults and children…

The voice is the instrument we all have with us all the time – use it – don’t loose it! Group Singing not only benefits mental health and provides social and emotional benefits it helps promote positive physical responses and as an added bonus – IT’S FUN!

Any child learning a musical instrument will benefit significantly from singing, in sight-reading and aural skills. Even if they are not learning a musical instrument – let their voice be the instrument.

Our Choral Director will not only encourage you to join in but teach singing skills and techniques, developing ability with warm-ups, singing games, vocal exercises and plenty of current popular songs! Medleys and mash-ups and plenty of Pitch Perfect!

Adults come along to our Pop-up Choir for a few hours of no commitment singing and let yourself go! Singing pop songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s we are open to suggestions – come and join us – it’s just like being back in the school choir!

No musical knowledge or experience necessary and nobody “can’t sing” – join us to sing together – come and try!


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